The volunteer opportunities listed below are suggestions for ways you can get involved. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please send an e-mail to


Prayers Facilitator: 

Volunteer to ensure the prayer area remains at low level of noise. Gently guide groups to areas outside of the masjid where discussions may be held during prayer times.
Requirements: Effective communication and people skills. 

Teaching / Assisting in Quran:

 Teach Adults proper recitation of the Quran while being a positive role model.
Requirements: Dependable volunteer who will attend consistently, with effective communication and teaching skills. Ability to recite Quran using tajweed.


Give the Athan, the call to prayer.

Requirements: Choose your own schedule. Pick the days of the weeks you would like to give the athan. Pick the times. Be reliable and on time. An Athan audition is required during the interview.

Kutbah Guest Speaker

Give a public speech relating to an Islamic topic on a scheduled Friday.

MEDIA -Remote and in-person

Graphic Design: 

Responsible for designing graphics, electronic advertisements, posters, and fliers for activities and events.
Requirements: Ability to use computer software to generate creative designs; review final layouts and receive feedback. Effective communication skills.

Video Production:

 Film/edit video shoots and use images to bring together a video presentation.
Requirements: Must be dependable, have good communication and time management skills. Good knowledge of principles and practices used in video production and the operation of video equipment. 


Take pictures that will capture the story at Jumu’ah and other events.
Requirements: Knowledge and ability to use phone camera or regular camera. Dependable, responsible volunteer with effective communication and computer skills.

Marketing and Promotion of Events: 

Volunteer to publicize and promote events.
Requirements: Must be creative, dependable, and possess effective communication skills.



Volunteer to help in sweeping sidewalks and property grounds. Assist with the maintenance of the trees and shrubs, garden collections, and landscapes. 
Requirements: Willingness to learn and ability to follow instructions. 

Jum’uah and Events Maintenance: 

Ensures that materials are maintained in good working order and are available when needed. Assists skilled maintenance workers with projects for the day of the event. Assists in arranging furniture and equipment; cleaning grounds areas as needed to help in creating a safe and clean environment for participants.
Requirements: Volunteer will be required to perform multiple tasks on and/or day(s) before the event. Ability to follow guidance of skilled maintenance worker and/or chair of event.

Safety and Security

Greet people at the entrance. Take temperatures. Help visitors sign in and direct them to where they need to go.

Contractors and Carpenters

If you have a skill related to construction, electrical, plumbing, please send an e-mail with your skills listed or a resume.